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World Habitat Events

The United Nations has declared the first Monday in October to be World Habitat day and affiliates world-wide will be hosting activities to commemorate the day. In larger towns that can mean events at the local shopping mall to raise awareness and encourage volunteers.

Opportunities to serve on one of our Teams

Your local affiliate needs your help to make a difference here at home. The theme, “Many homes, one community” underscores the positive change that can come to our community as we build homes for our neighbors. We are not just building a home, we are building hope and a positive community. Through HFH's sustainable housing efforts communities are becoming good places to live.

Your local affiliate needs fresh volunteers to help sustain or increase the current level of activities. To do that we need leaders and teams specializing in the following areas:

Team descriptions:

  • Community relations
  • Faith relations
  • Resource development
  • Volunteer support
  • Family selection
  • Family support
  • Construction

We need you so we can continue to make a difference. As you read this today, habitat's life-changing work is happening all around the world. Neighbors are building positive communities as they work side by side to help the families in need of decent housing. Will you volunteer in one of our many positions for a month or a year. Call us today (336) 597-2206.

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