Family A Fair 2012

Family-A-Fair is sponsored by Partnership for Children of Person County and is part of "Week of The Young Child" usually held in April. The whole week's events are dedicated to celebrating children of our community and remembering that not all children come from safe loving homes. There are plenty of kid friendly activities, music, and food. Non-profit organizations are invited to set up a booths to provide information to the community about the different programs. We also have fund-raising activities like bake sales and raffles.

Don doing face painting

This year PCHFH Board Member Don Marlowe (pictured) offered his artistic talent in the form of face painting. He was so popular among the young attendees that they were ready to riot when he needed to take a break and the line quickly formed again when he returned.

Next year we hope to have a few more volunteers available for this very popular event! For more information on Week of the Young Child please visit Partnership for Children