Work Team Descriptions

Community Relations Team
  • Increase public awareness of PCHFH and its mission, purpose, and activities.
  • Publish a quarterly newsletter, brochures, fliers, and website.
  • Schedule/attend public speaking events, Personality, RACC events, PCC, etc.
  • Educate local agencies/organizations about the HFH programs.
Faith Relations Team
  • Establish and maintain relationships with local churches and civic groups. Engage Youth Groups.
  • Inform and engage them in the mission of Habitat for Humanity and communicate project updates.
  • Enlist their support, sponsorship, and donations for affiliate projects.
Resource Development Team
  • Assess financial, material, and real property needs for HFH projects.
  • Develop, recommend, and implement creative fund-raising ideas.
  • Research donation and sponsor sources for donations of real estate, money and materials.
Volunteer Support Team
  • Establish a community outreach to create a pool of volunteers.
  • Maintain a volunteer database.
  • Contact and schedule volunteers for training and to work on builds, committees, or other projects.
  • Recognize volunteer contributions.
Family Selection Team
  • Establish and periodically review the selection criteria and application to insure compliance with HFHI rules and federal and state laws.
  • Send, receive, and evaluate home owner applications for need, ability, and willingness to partner.
  • Interview prospective families and recommend families to the board for approval.
  • Create an outreach plan to identify and solicit applications from those in need.
Family Support Team
  • Helps the homeowner navigate the HFH ownership process.
  • Provide homeowner training sessions in home ownership and maintenance, family finance and community resources. Help family establish a budget and save closing funds.
  • Manage the home owner's sweat equity status.
  • Assist homeowners in making selections for home items and colors.
  • Attend the closing. Help family in the moving process. Develop a repair punch list for items found after family moves in.
Construction Team
  • Schedule and supervise all construction work following construction time-line.
  • Obtain all permits and inspections for homes. Understand and follow state building codes.
  • Review bids from sub-contractors.
  • Conduct on site safety meetings with volunteers and maintain compliance with OSHA.
  • Solicit volunteer skilled services from area construction professionals.
  • Order materials to support the construction plan.
  • Train and supervise teams of volunteers and Partner Family on site.
  • Maintain a construction file for each house and up to date home construction drawings.

Thank you for volunteering!